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bio [Wednesday, 7th September, 2005 @ 6:12pm]

try to jiggle the order a tad coz its exactly the same as mine but this is wat ye need

Background information:

Water potential


Flaccid cell:

Turgid cell:

Why is it useful to find out the water potential of potato?

Safety/ risk assessment:

Fair test:

Independent variable:

Dependant variable:

Controlled variables:

How I will control them:

Test Runs

Aim: Trial Apparatus list:



What will I measure?

What concentrations will I use?

How will I work them out

How long will I leave the potatoes in the solution for

What temperature will I use

What volume of solution will I use:

Step by step:


Changes to method:

Main Study



Apparatus list:



What will I measure?

What concentrations will I use?

How will I work them out:

How long will I leave the potatoes in the solution for

What temperature will I use

What volume of solution will I use:

Step by step:





How accurate was my prediction?

How accurate were my results?

How accurate were my solutions:

Possible improved method:
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[Tuesday, 30th August, 2005 @ 9:48am]
New Journal~!!
bonanzoid_formerly radical_spastic

Go!go!go! Comment on my entry & be added.
Even if I don't know you from my old journal.
Comment & add me anyway!
Be spontanious.

Zara x
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X-posted everywhere, sorry! [Friday, 5th August, 2005 @ 5:38pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Hello chaps,

Just to let you know that Lady_Muse is no more. She's dead. She's passed on. She's an ex-parrot.

And from now on, the events of her life can be read here, at lah_de_dah .

So add her.

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[Sunday, 17th July, 2005 @ 9:34pm]

|Middle Name:Jane
|Surname/Ideal Surname:Miles
doherty, armstrong (hehe) ummmm and there are others..........
|Birthday:28th march
|Sex: female
|Eye Colour:green
|Hair Colour:muddy brownish kinda colour
|Where are you from?: mitcham
|Bust:fuck i cant remeber ummm i'll get back to you on that seen as im in my hallway so i ant relly check for you....
|UK dress size: 6 or 8
|Taken?: nope
|Sexual orientation: straight

|Movie? Why?: the butterfly effect: its awesome, plus shton kutcher *love*
|Book? Why?: the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy: come on how can i not love it ?
|Song? Why?: either green day time of your life (gotta love that song) or muse thoughts of a dying atheist (not only and awesome song but the name disturbs my sister)
|Ballet: the nutcraker
|Band/Composer/Artist (Top 5-15): day
2.pete doherty
3.the libertines
4. the killers
5. muse
6. placebo
7. kaiser cheifs

and i like classical music sometimes but i dont like listen to it alot though my dad has like a full collection of like loads that is really cool and theres one i really like ...i think it is tckisovky (excuse me tottally crappy spelling im tired)
|Music genres: um most i tend to like allsorts except most rap and like hip-hop pisses me off
|Mythological Creature: ether fairys or unicorns
|Beverage: water or nice orage juice
|Word: shnizel hehhe
|Artist: linda bergvist
|Poet: shakespere (hope that counts)

|Contraception: good i mean wouldnt want everyone pregnant all the time would you?
|Religion: personally i dont follow one but i can see why people do so i want go on about why i dont believe...
|Drugs: bad dont plan on ever going near the stuff excpet in a medical sense of course
|Politics: lots of men lying alot
|Homosexuality: eveyone has a right to love and fancy whoever they want
|The neglect of art: discraceful
|Big Brother: suprisingly addictive go eugine
|Love: awwwwwwww i dont know it sounds nice though
|Trends: amazingly dumb and annoying
|Jews: jews are cool!!!!

|What are your hobbies?: can i really be bothered to list them you can just look at me interests
|Do you believe in God?: nope
|What would be your career of choice?: hmm i dont know i keep changing my mind..
|If you had one billion quid, what would you do with it?: well i would buy a cmapervan for a start then i dont know i probably need the rest to keep the thing running
|Do you have any special talents you want to tell us about?: hmmmm i am talentless :9 i can turn my wrist 360 derees
|What are your three best traits?: um i can do maths (god im sad), um i listen to people, i am sad enough to spend all my time filling this in....
|Are you a virgin?: yep
|If not, are you good in bed?:
|Who is your role model?: hmmmmmm i dotn have one so you m'dear charlotte
|Any slang you are familiar with?: cant be arsed to write it
|Do you love getting squiffy on a Saturday night?: ummm sometimes
|Ever done E?:nope (im a good girl )

.Finish the Sentence. (i think i was supposed to put the right things but i couldnt be bothered )
Feed the: evil chickens before they kill you with magical machine guns.
Take me out to the: very magical land of magicalness
You make me feel like: i am a very very normal person
Shall I compare thee to: all teh shhep in the world (i dont know...)
Who ate all the: lilliths!
Let's talk about: all the ducks who are in the park eating my bread !!!!
I must confess: i am called emma *gasp*

.And all that cal.
|Your worst memory: um there are a hell of alot god i sound depressed now um i had a horrid nightmare when i was five that my mother died
|Your funniest memory: god there sre many of those umm ohh the face charlotte kept making me laugh with when i stayed at hers
|Your sexiest moment: ummmm cant think of one :(
|Self Portrait

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Someone shut this fella up! [Wednesday, 16th July, 2003 @ 9:50pm]
[ mood | positively super. ]

|Name: Lilith
|Middle Name: Rae O
|Surname/Ideal Surname: Walsworth. Ideal surnames = Norrington, Doherty, Bellamy or some cool name... o_O
|Birthday: 9th December 1990
|Sex: Preferably two lesbians and me in a vat of honey.
|Eye Colour: Hazel
|Hair Colour: Braaaahn.
|Where are you from?: The Ghetto
|Bust: Microscopic
|UK dress size: 6, I think, though I'm fatter than I've convinced myself.
|Taken?: Out for dinner? Never. ;_;
|Beautiful?: If a jar of peanut butter is beautiful, then I am stunning.
|Sexual orientation: I play for both teams.

|Movie? Why?: Dancer In The Dark... because it's the only film that's ever made me cry, and BJORK'S in it. ^_^
|Book? Why?: The Secret History, because... it PWNS.
|Song? Why?: Fake Plastic Trees/Citizen Erased. Just because, dammit.
|Ballet: Swan Lake
|Band/Composer/Artist (Top 5-15): Bah, Top 10, in no order - Radiohead, Muse, Bjork, The Libertines, The Pixies, Hole, Nirvana, Morrissey, Champagne Socialists, Placebo
|Music genres: Rock/Indie Rock/Shite Rock/Charlotte Rock/Jailhouse Rock/Brighton Rock
|Mythological Creature: Dragon
|Beverage: A nice glass o' squirrel jizz, please.
|Word: Bollocks!
|Artist: Mark Ryden
|Poet: Oscar Wilde/W. B. Yeats/Siegfried Sassoon

|Contraception: Very necessary.
|Abortion: If you're raped by a REALLY UGLY person, you should have the right to abortion.
|Religion: Pointless, scary, untrustworty and exploitative.
|Drugs: I have no problem with mind-altering substances, just don't get yourself addicted to p33n!
|Politics: Left wing all the way, baby.
|Homosexuality: Sex between a man and a woman is WRONG and DISGUSTING. Sex between two members of the same sex is VERY fun, particularly if you're the one between them.
|The neglect of art: Tragic. Very upsetting.
|Big Brother: SHITE!
|Love: People running in fear = love.
|Trends: Pointless.
|Jews: Hurrah! [Jumping Jews of Jerusalem!]

|What are your hobbies?: Skullfuckery, kissing Charlotte when she least expects it, buttsex, drawing, making many many beautiful sounds, digging holes. Loving you.
|Do you believe in God?: No.
|What would be your career of choice?: Something I enjoy, with a big fat salary.
|If you had one billion quid, what would you do with it?: Burn it.
|Do you have any special talents you want to tell us about?: I can fit four marbles in my collarbone, and I can make people suffer simultaneous orgasms just by THINKING about them.
|What are your three best traits?: I'm open-minded, I'm lovely, and I'm very very modest. *Cough*
|Are you a virgin?: Yes I am. I won't have sex until I'm DEAD.
|If not, are you good in bed?: Probably.
|Who is your role model?: Courtney Love! No. Kidding. Oscar Wilde.
|Any slang you are familiar with?: Ye Olde Slange Of the Charlotte...e. I'm groovy.
|Do you love getting squiffy on a Saturday night?: I don't drink. >_<
|Ever done E?: I don't need to. I AM a mind-altering substance.

.Finish the Sentence.
Feed the: World.
Take me out to the: River! Drop me in the water!
You make me feel like: A natural yoghurt.
Shall I compare thee to: A camel?
Who ate all the: Lube?
Let's talk about: Your FACE.
I must confess: I'm a little teapot, short and stout.

.And all that cal.
|Your worst memory: Doing this kind of thing every night for the past three years. O_O
|Your funniest memory: Still doing it.
|Your sexiest moment: Having sex with the computer while Charlotte logs into LiveJournal.
|Self Portrait:

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[Sunday, 3rd July, 2005 @ 9:20pm]
I'm new here,
i like b00bs
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What bum. [Sunday, 22nd May, 2005 @ 11:08am]
[ mood | ungr00bed ]

CHARLOTTE BE LEAVING ME, for a whole week...the butt!_!
*loves ye actually*, but still...
Try not to buckle over any steps or run into any tables, and more any pre-birthday dances!

Only when ye come back, fair maiden

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Honour of honours! [Wednesday, 4th May, 2005 @ 11:13pm]
[ mood | Brigadando! ]

'Tis I, Lilith of Liliths, (n00b), who joins ye upon this most momentous of occasions...
I comment in thy community!
Feel special, my friends and titwanks. Feeeel speciaaaaal.

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to my fellow gr00bonite [Sunday, 17th April, 2005 @ 7:43pm]

to the other honourable gr00b.

i reckon we'll be best friends always and forever.dont you dare ever question that again.

pssh, like i'll ever find someone cooler,
and cuter,
and unbummish...


you butt!
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[Thursday, 14th April, 2005 @ 6:08pm]

[ mood | amused ]

"the urge to say penis countdown"= 11

*squishes fellow gr00b*

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i've got the urge...*orgasms* [Tuesday, 12th April, 2005 @ 9:59pm]

the "urge to say penis" countdown= 7
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[Sunday, 27th March, 2005 @ 10:37pm]

i just gotta get me some penois.
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