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|Middle Name:Jane
|Surname/Ideal Surname:Miles
doherty, armstrong (hehe) ummmm and there are others..........
|Birthday:28th march
|Sex: female
|Eye Colour:green
|Hair Colour:muddy brownish kinda colour
|Where are you from?: mitcham
|Bust:fuck i cant remeber ummm i'll get back to you on that seen as im in my hallway so i ant relly check for you....
|UK dress size: 6 or 8
|Taken?: nope
|Sexual orientation: straight

|Movie? Why?: the butterfly effect: its awesome, plus shton kutcher *love*
|Book? Why?: the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy: come on how can i not love it ?
|Song? Why?: either green day time of your life (gotta love that song) or muse thoughts of a dying atheist (not only and awesome song but the name disturbs my sister)
|Ballet: the nutcraker
|Band/Composer/Artist (Top 5-15): day
2.pete doherty
3.the libertines
4. the killers
5. muse
6. placebo
7. kaiser cheifs

and i like classical music sometimes but i dont like listen to it alot though my dad has like a full collection of like loads that is really cool and theres one i really like ...i think it is tckisovky (excuse me tottally crappy spelling im tired)
|Music genres: um most i tend to like allsorts except most rap and like hip-hop pisses me off
|Mythological Creature: ether fairys or unicorns
|Beverage: water or nice orage juice
|Word: shnizel hehhe
|Artist: linda bergvist
|Poet: shakespere (hope that counts)

|Contraception: good i mean wouldnt want everyone pregnant all the time would you?
|Religion: personally i dont follow one but i can see why people do so i want go on about why i dont believe...
|Drugs: bad dont plan on ever going near the stuff excpet in a medical sense of course
|Politics: lots of men lying alot
|Homosexuality: eveyone has a right to love and fancy whoever they want
|The neglect of art: discraceful
|Big Brother: suprisingly addictive go eugine
|Love: awwwwwwww i dont know it sounds nice though
|Trends: amazingly dumb and annoying
|Jews: jews are cool!!!!

|What are your hobbies?: can i really be bothered to list them you can just look at me interests
|Do you believe in God?: nope
|What would be your career of choice?: hmm i dont know i keep changing my mind..
|If you had one billion quid, what would you do with it?: well i would buy a cmapervan for a start then i dont know i probably need the rest to keep the thing running
|Do you have any special talents you want to tell us about?: hmmmm i am talentless :9 i can turn my wrist 360 derees
|What are your three best traits?: um i can do maths (god im sad), um i listen to people, i am sad enough to spend all my time filling this in....
|Are you a virgin?: yep
|If not, are you good in bed?:
|Who is your role model?: hmmmmmm i dotn have one so you m'dear charlotte
|Any slang you are familiar with?: cant be arsed to write it
|Do you love getting squiffy on a Saturday night?: ummm sometimes
|Ever done E?:nope (im a good girl )

.Finish the Sentence. (i think i was supposed to put the right things but i couldnt be bothered )
Feed the: evil chickens before they kill you with magical machine guns.
Take me out to the: very magical land of magicalness
You make me feel like: i am a very very normal person
Shall I compare thee to: all teh shhep in the world (i dont know...)
Who ate all the: lilliths!
Let's talk about: all the ducks who are in the park eating my bread !!!!
I must confess: i am called emma *gasp*

.And all that cal.
|Your worst memory: um there are a hell of alot god i sound depressed now um i had a horrid nightmare when i was five that my mother died
|Your funniest memory: god there sre many of those umm ohh the face charlotte kept making me laugh with when i stayed at hers
|Your sexiest moment: ummmm cant think of one :(
|Self Portrait

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